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Tasting Days Information

We started our tasting days in 1999 when we became turkey farmers for the KellyBronze franchise, in the first year we only cooked the turkey for samples as we wanted people to know that turkey doesn't have to be dry, tastless and have the texture of sawdust. Since that first year we have grown from just one day to two days and giving you the opportunity to everything that resembles Christmas, most of the produce is produced locally if not then definitely British.

Our original customers children now bring their children to experience the family tradition of tasting good food for their Christmas Celebrations.


  • KellyBronze Turkey & Leek Pies

  • Inverawe Smokehouse Smoked Salmon, Terrines, 

  • Taste of the Lakes smoked Duck and Chicken Breast

  • Burtree House Puddings: Sticky Toffee, Sticky Lemon, Rich Toffee & Peacan and Christmas Puddings

  • Bourton Manor Farm Sausages in Bacon, Sausage Meat.

  • Broom Mill Farm Gammons

  • MK Jams & Chutneys,

  • Indian Orchard Preservatives

  • Chaffers Wines

  • Wharf Distillery Artisan Gins, Vodkas and Whisky

  • Fruity Farmer Liquors

  • Great Oakley Artisan Beers

  • Pot Belly Pig Artisan Beers

  • Artisan Cheeses 

Christmas puddings in Basket.jpg

About the Producers

*KellyBronze Turkey & Leek pies are home made with our KellyBronze       turkeys (obviously) and locally grown leeks.

*‘Taste of the Lakes’ is a family run business whose roots are as Cumbrian as its products. Originally the company took its name from the farm upon which the owner’s family had tended the land for generations and it was established with the single aim of providing quality farm products into the local area.

*Burtree Puddings are owned and operated by Robert and Lea Darling alongside their dedicated family, daughter Sarah, their son Andrew and his wife, Nicola. I have known Robert and Lea for around 19 years and have watched their business grow from starting at the WI and Farmers Markets to International sales. Every product from Christmas pudding to sticky toffee puddings, Lemon Possets and Panna Cotta is crafted with knowledge, love and care and this has been shown in their success.

*MK Jams & Chutneys are all made by Hazel of Milton Keynes, she has developed her own recipes grows almost all the ingredients of her produce in her garden. 

More information coming soon

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