Susan Gorst...

Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales living on the family farm Susan has always strived to protect and educate all generations on where their food comes from and how it is produced. She has built up a reputation far and wide for her KellyBronze turkeys.


Our aim is to help educate the younger generation on where their food comes from and how it is produced. With grandchildren living in Dover, when then come to visit we always encourage them to get involved in all aspects of turkey rearing so they too can benefit from the farming lifestyle and hopefully carry it into the future. 


It is local people who help with plucking and preparing the turkeys at Christmas and all the turkeys are sold through the farm shop, with many customers returning each year.


It is now five years since Susan started delivering vegetable and fruit boxes filled with local fresh produce, ensuring that all her clients have access to the fresh produce while supporting local farms. 


Join Susan in supporting local and giving our local communities access to more and more local produces. 

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