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Grilled Tuna with Olive & Parsley salad

Serves 2: Total time 20 mins


2 Tuna Steaks

Rapeseed Oil

7 Large or 14 small Pitted Green Olives

1 Shallot finally chopped

1 tsp capers

1 Lemon, zested & juiced

Handful Parsley, chopped

Freshly milled Salt & Pepper

Cooked New Potatoes to serve


Rub the tuna steaks with rapeseed oil and season well, then fry or grill for 1-2 minutes on each side. Mix the olives with the shallot, capers, lemon zest and parsley. Season well and dress with the lemon juice and some olive oil. Serve with the tuna steak and some new potatoes.

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