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Parsnips with Buttonhole Kale & Cream

Serves 2: Total time 20 mins


2 Medium Parsnips

1/2 tbsp Rapeseed Oil

25g Cultured Butter

100g Buttonhole Kale

100ml Double Cream

A good Grating of Nutmeg


1/ Peel the parsnips and put to the skins to one side. Continue peeling the parsnips into ribbons. Melt half the butter with the rapeseed oil in a large frying pan and get it really hot, as you want the parsnips to start browning almost immediately once they hit the pan. Don’t cram them all in a small pan either or it won’t happen. Add the parsnip ribbons and fry for 4-5 minutes over a high heat until tender and browned, stirring constantly. Tip onto a plate covered with a little kitchen paper to mop up any excess butter and set aside.

2/ Melt the remaining butter in the same pan. Roughly shred the kale, omitting any particularly gnarly-looking stalks and add to the pan. Cook over a high heat for 2 minutes.

3/ Add 1-2 tbsp water and continue cooking for a further 5-7 minutes or until tender stirring continuously and adding extra water when needed. When cooked there should be no excess water.

4/ Add more oil to a shallow fryng pan, heat until really hot add the parsnip skins and quickly fry for 2 mins, drain on kitchen roll.

5/ Return the parsnip ribbons to the pan, add the cream, nutmeg and plenty of seasoning, particularly pepper. Toss together until hot , serve with the crispy parsnip skins on the top.

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