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Once the cheeses have been encased in the cloth which will protect them until they are ready to be eaten, they are moved to the maturing rooms. The Estate is fortunate to have gained access to the famous Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset and have a dedicated area set aside to maturing the precious cheeses. Cheeses have been matured in caves for centuries but this is the only Cheddar lucky enough to have a cave for its home while it develops from youth to glorious maturity. The caves have a constant temperature and humidity which is perfect for maintaining the balance of moisture in the cheeses and the unique environment adds a typical earthiness to the flavour. Unlike some other traditional farmhouse Cheddars, our Cave Aged has a slightly sweet accent to balance the earthiness, with a real depth of flavour and a moist texture.

Wooky Hole Cave Aged Cheddar Cheese (200g)

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